Meet the New Faces at the Welland Museum!

May 28

The Welland Museum boasts a surplus of unique positions that help ensure the Museum thrives. From hosting exciting and captivating programs to keeping our archives spick and span, there are a number of roles that require passionate individuals to fill them.

We are beyond excited to introduce you to the newest members of our team: Maddy, our Program Coordinator; Karlene, our Curator; and Connor, our Archives Assistant. These talented individuals bring fresh perspectives and a wealth of enthusiasm to their roles, and we can’t wait for you to get to know them better.

As you might know, the Welland Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of Welland and its surrounding areas. We strive to create engaging experiences for visitors of all ages, from our popular Messy @ the Museum program to our vibrant Summer Camps. With Maddy on board, you can look forward to even more innovative and exciting programs that make history come alive.

Karlene, our new Curator, is passionate about creating dynamic and immersive exhibits that captivate our visitors. Stay tuned for some incredible new displays that will highlight Welland’s fascinating past and present in ways you’ve never seen before. We know her creative touch will bring a fresh energy to our museum’s exhibitions.

Connor joins us as the Archives Assistant, bringing meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for historical documents and artifacts. His work will help ensure that Welland’s rich heritage is preserved and accessible for future generations.

We’re thrilled to have Maddy, Karlene, and Connor as part of our team, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

Program Coordinator – Maddy

Maddy standing by the water, holding a camera, and smiling with a backdrop of rocks and a cloudy sky.

Maddy is an artist with a passion for drawing, often exploring themes of identity and womanhood. Recently, she has branched out into painting and photography, which she finds incredibly enjoyable. Her dream is to turn her art into a career, but her current focus is on getting involved in the arts and culture sector, particularly in museum work, which she is thrilled about.

Outside of art, Maddy loves books, especially contemporary psychological horror and science fiction, though she is open to exploring other genres. While she has done minimal traveling, she is eager to explore new places whenever possible. Traveling is something she hopes to do more of in the future, as she loves discovering new places and experiences.

q. What excites you most about working at a museum?

I’m looking forward to having the chance to develop engaging, and creative programs that appeal to diverse audiences. Overall, I’m just thrilled about joining a museum environment where I can continue to learn more about museum operations and explore ways to enrich the community through arts and culture.

q. What is your dream program?

A dream programming idea of mine is to create an on-site arts and culture festival to spotlight the talents of local artists and historians. This festival would offer a platform for community members to share their work and achievements, and be hosted over the course of a weekend. The festival would represent diverse events like film screenings, performances, lectures, and visual art installations, and visitors could choose from various time slots to attend activities that interest them most. Ultimately, the festival would serve as a vibrant celebration of the creative talents in the surrounding area.

Acting Curator – Karlene

Karlene smiling in a selfie, wearing glasses and a floral top, with a stone wall in the background.

Karlene Ouellette’s passion for curating started in 2012 when she worked as a student at the Woodstock Art Gallery as their Collections and Curatorial Assistant. Since then, Karlene completed her BA in History with Honours at York University, received a Graduate Certificate in Arts Management with Honours at Centennial College, and completed an international exchange at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Over the past decade, she has helped curate, set up, and market exhibitions for various art galleries and museums. Most recently, she worked with the NOTL Museum as their Tiny Museum Coordinator (2023), and she co-juried and co-curated YOUphoria: A Pride Showcase at Propeller Art Gallery (2023). Having recently returned to the Niagara Region, Karlene looks forward to engaging with the communities that she grew up in.

q. What excites you most about working at a museum?

I am looking forward to learning more about the history of Welland and how Welland continues to help shape the Niagara Region today.

q. What is your dream exhibit?

I would like to put together an interactive exhibition that both discusses the history of printmaking and encourages local artists and viewers to participate and engage in the exhibition. Ideally, I would set the exhibition space up to include specific tools required in printmaking, have a dedicated section for exhibiting different types of prints by local artists (contemporary and historical), and lastly I would have a section where viewers can learn some printmaking techniques; encouraging them to create and take home art, while also providing them an opportunity to submit their works for display in a dedicated space alongside the exhibition.

Archives Assistant – Connor

Connor sitting next to the water, smiling with a scenic background of a lake and lush greenery.

Connor is a graduate of TMU’s Film and Photography Preservation + Collections Management program. He has worn many different hats at archives both large and small.

Through workshops, screenings and his own practice Connor hopes to foster an appreciation for experimental and handmade filmmaking in the Niagara Region.

q. What excites you most about working at a museum?

Connor is looking forward to working in the Welland Museum’s archive and is excited to dig into the collection’s vernacular photography and home movies.

q. What era of history intrigues you the most?

Prehistory and the Paleolithic eras.

There is so Much Happening at the Welland Museum!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Maddy, Karlene, and Connor a bit better. Their passion and dedication to their roles are sure to bring new life and excitement to the Welland Museum. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to the wonderful contributions they will make to our museum community.

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Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from the Welland Museum. Welcome again to Maddy, Karlene, and Connor – we are so excited to have you with us!

Feel free to browse around and discover all the fantastic resources and events we offer. Whether it’s through our engaging programs, captivating exhibits, or extensive archives, there’s always something new to explore at the Welland Museum.