General Fund: The Welland Museum strives to continuously expand its exhibit offering​s to the community ​to attract visitors and that are engaging and educational. Recently, the museum has ​made necessary ​upgrades to properly exhibit ​works of art​ and other museum artefacts. Each addition to our capabilities improves our access to exhibits which must be properly protected. The funds raised will be used to ​obtain and present new exhibits in all settings. Please give generously.
Capital Campaign 2020: The Welland Museum is housed in the century old former Welland Library. In the effort to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, the museum must meet the challenges of accessibility and the constant need to refresh our environment and expand and improve our exhibit presentation space. The Capital Campaign 2020 is intended to fund improvements to our Children’s Gallery and improve accessibility. Please give generously.
Artefact Fund: Every year, the Welland Museum welcomes donations of artefacts from the community. The museum protects and preserves these important items for future generations. Most of the donated items have been in storage or on display for several years ​and require a degree of restoration measures to protect them from deterioration. Our artefact fund is intended to cover some of the costs of preservation so that our important artefacts can be exhibited to the public. Please donate generously.
Contribute to our collection: We are in search of items that have an attachment to the Crowland, Welland, and Pelham area. The museum is a not-for-profit charity. We do not have a budget to purchase artefacts, but we appreciate donations of artefacts. Donations are by appointment as the museum would like to be able to collect the proper information on the object you are donating. Appointments can be made by coming in to the museum or by calling us at 905-732-2215. Please note that we do not offer appraisals and do not accept newspapers, blueprints, large electronics, furs, meat grinders, oversized furniture, mason jars and milk bottles.