Haunted Welland: Central Fire Hall

December 1

The Niagara Area Paranormal Society (NAPS) has investigated this property, built in 1920, on a few occasions, and were able to capture 41 EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon):

  • When they went up to the second floor, where the lockers and showers are, they heard a male voice say “help me” numerous times.
  • The investigators also captured a voice saying “don’t go” as they moved from the office to go investigate the clock.
  • On another occasion one investigator re-entered the building and when listening back to the audio, a voice was heard whispering “go upstairs”.
  • Other EVPs include a female voice saying “I’m dead”.
  • It has been reported that alarms were heard coming from the call room, although there was no electricity in the building and the alarm system would not have been working.