The Rise and Fall of Blue-Collar Welland

The Rise and Fall of Blue-Collar Welland

Welland Through the Years

Map from Welland Museum archives, scans from Brock University.

Pages from This is Welland brochure (1950s). Welland Public Library.

Pages from the Welland City Brochure (1970). Welland Public Library.

More pages from the Welland City Brochure (1970). Welland Public Library.

Married men with familiesWeavers with 9 years’ experienceBoy spinners
Pay/Week$8 or $9$9$8.35
Pay and hours per week for various employees.

John Deere

Nothing Runs Away Like a Deere

An old page with text from a page-hersey advertisement.
Page-Hersey advertisement in a brochure, 1913. Welland Museum archives.

Indigenous Niagara

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