Contact Information:

Phone: 905-732-2215

140 King Street
Welland, ON
L3B 3J3 Canada

Museum Staff:

General Manager/Curator: Penny Morningstar
Assistant Curator: Tami Nail
Archive/Collection Coordinator: Katelynn Best
Fundraising & Community Partnerships: Kaley Stewart

Board of Directors:

Greg D’Amico, Chair
Committees: Ex-officio on all committees; Chair of Nomination, Property and Sunnyside Dairy Cart

Jacqueline Bujold, Vice-Chair
Committees: Bilingual Compliance, Finance, HR, Nomination

Robert Nero, Treasurer
Committees: Finance (Chair), Grants (Chair), HR, Nomination, Sunnyside Dairy Cart, Strategic Planning

Susan Ward, Secretary/HR
Committees: Education (Chair), Finance, Governance, Grants, HR (Chair), Nomination, Property, Sunnyside Dairy Cart

Wayne Campbell, Past-Chair
Committees: Acquisitions (Chair), Governance

Mary-Lou Ambrose-Little, Director
Committees: Governance (Chair), Friends of the Museum (Chair)

Janet Booth, Director
Committees: Governance

Rose Dzugan, Director
Committees: Acquisitions, Mastodon Project (Chair), City of Welland Heritage Advisory Committee Liaison

Wayne Olson, Director
Committees: HR, Nomination, Property, Strategic Planning (Chair)

Carol Sernasie, Director
Committees: Acquisitions, Strategic Planning

Staff Liaison of Committees:

Penny Morningstar: Ex-Officio on all Committees

Tami Nail: Education, Grants, Strategic Planning, Sunnyside Dairy Cart, Mastodon Project

Katelynn Best: Acquisitions, Property

Kaley Stewart: Grants, Strategic Planning