The Welland Museum offers archival services to the community. If you have questions about the history of Welland or Pelham, we can answer them by putting in a research request on your topic! If you would like images or information from our archives for your own records, we can do that too.


Information on the associated fees will be provided upon request

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Archive Services

Here are our current archive services. Pricing subject to change. Information on pricing will be provided upon request.

Make an appointment in the archives to view the documents or pictures you have requested.

Have our Archivist and Archives Volunteers do research in our collection and database and show/give you copies of what they find.

Get photocopies of the image or document you have requested on non-specialty paper.

Have a photograph from our archives reproduced on photo paper.

Get an electronic copy of the image or document you have requested sent to your email.

Service Request Form

Please include which service interests you in the message box and any other contact details you would like us to have.