The Welland Museum is pleased to announce that we have new postcards for sale in our gift shop for $1 each. The museum partnered with Notre Dame College School’s grade 11 Photography class to make these postcards featuring restored photographs related to Welland.

The photographs were restored by three students from the photography class. Here is a description of our postcards:

  1. Street View (photograph restoration courtesy of Dylan Vachon).
  2. West Side Fire Hall. June 21,1955 (photograph restoration couresty of Christa Alward).
  3. Annual Firefighter’s Ball, 1954 (photograph restoration courtesy of Dina Rosato).

The museum would like to thank Notre Dame College School’s students: Dylan Vachon, Christa Alward, and Dina Rosato for the restoration of the photographs. We would also like to thank Notre Dame’s grade 11 Photography professor Lucy Lariccia.