#GivingTuesday kicked off our month-long Beyond the Exhibits campaign. We hope you will help us by donating to keep our archives running smoothly. We are offering a special incentive to help you better picture what we do beyond the exhibits at the museum. For every $500 in donations we receive in December 2020, we will hold a random draw and choose two donors to receive a special behind the scenes tour of our archives in early 2021.

We can’t take care of our collection without you. Please consider donating today to help us continue to care for our community’s history.

There are over 30,000 items in our collection but we can’t display many of our key pieces because of their condition. For example, we have a large number of Frances Turnbull’s art pieces though some are not framed for display. Her artwork varies in size and each of the larger pieces could cost over $200 to frame. Without your support, we are unable to present an exhibit of her work.

With a collection that is constantly growing, and a building that has limited shelving, we have a need for more storage. Purchasing new shelving, that meets specific museum standards, will give us better access to our collection so we can easily use those items for new exhibits.

During our visitor closure we have enjoyed digitally sharing information from our collection in our virtual tours. Did you know we can also fulfil research requests from the public? These services have a small fee but we need further monetary donations to make sure the research materials are always properly stored and to purchase more materials to give us a broader understanding of our community.

Thank you for your support.