Niagara Handweavers and Spinners Guild's Woven in Time Exhibit

Come and discover the artistry and skills of spinning and weaving as your explore this colourful and textural exhibit put together by the Niagara Handweavers and Spinners Guild. Don't forget to check the guild out in full action on Thursdays in their studio in the lower galleries.

There's an App for that

Technology has come a long way in the past century. Come explore all the machines, computers, gadgets and gizmos used throughout the years that have essentially been replaced by mini computers in all our pockets - the cellphone.

Canada Summer Jobs Program

The Welland Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through their Canada Summer Jobs program. The program has allowed the Welland Museum to employ two summer students, who assisted with collections management duties in the archives and a bilingual interpreter and programmer.

Atlas: Memories Forged In Steel

Come see the history of Atlas Steels come to life as we celebrate the significance of their history in Welland and around the world! Try the virtual reality experience to get a real sense of a day inside the plant.

The exhibit focuses on the 1940s through to the 1960s as that was the peak of Atlas production and staff. The exhibit highlights the significant impact the company had on the community and the families connected to Atlas.

The exhibit will be open until the end of January 2020.

360 degree video of the exhibit, created by the Downtown Welland BIA

Sunnyside Dairy Cart

Visit the Sunnyside Dairy Cart and help us get the full picture!

Share your memories by contacting us at 905-732-2215 or

The cart is temporarily at the Seawall Mall and will be permanently displayed at the museum soon!

Infinite History - Métis in Niagara Exhibition

Musee de Welland Museum in partnership with the Niagara Region Métis Council are proud to present: Infinite History - Métis in Niagara Exhibition.  The exhibit celebrates the history and culture of the Métis and their significance to the Niagara area.

Canal and Industry Galleries

Come explore Welland's industrial age with the Canal and Industry Galleries. These galleries showcase and examine the importance of the building of the canals on the evolution of Welland as a city, as well as the development of the city's industrial roots. The exhibit includes many photographs and artefacts from the major factories, companies and businesses that grew Welland.

2017 Niagara Centre Community Award for Leadership in Community Building

Thank you to Vance Badawey, M.P. for Niagara Centre, for presenting the 2017 Niagara Centre Community Award for Leadership in Community Building in recognition of our Canada 150 exhibit and activities last year. (From right to left: Vance Badawey, Penny Morningstar our Museum Manager and Greg D'Amico our Chair.)

Behind the Scenes: The Assistant Curator’s Perspective / Dans les coulisses: le point de vue de la conservatrice adjointe.

Behind the Scenes: The Assistant Curator's Perspective 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to create an exhibit? To work in a museum? This behind the scenes series gives you an opportunity to learn more about what it is like to put together our newest exhibit, Welland and Pelham: A Community’s Gifts of Heritage.

"Welland and Pelham: A Community’s Gifts of Heritage" :

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday with an exhibit full of items that have never been displayed before! These items celebrate the past 150 years and include: Welland Memorabilia, items from Organizations, Ethnic groups, toys, fashion, military, and our medical cabinet of curiosities. Thank you to the generous funding from the Government of Canada.

In this edition of Behind the Scenes, I asked the Welland Museum’s Assistant Curator, Tami Daoust, a few questions about her experience making the exhibit. Here is what she had to say:


Q: What role did you have in making the exhibit?

A: This was a very collaborative exhibit with all the staff, including co-ops and volunteers.  We really worked together to come up with the themes/topics to be covered and worked together to choose artefacts and objects that really spoke to us and that we thought the community would have the greatest response to.

Q: What do you enjoy most in/about the exhibit? 

A: I love that this exhibit is not text heavy, but still tells a great story of a community.  We really let the artefacts and displays speak for themselves and so far it has been a great success with visitors.  It really encourages visitors to discuss the objects and share stories and memories with others.  There is a little bit of everyone in this exhibit.


[End of Q&A]

Check back periodically for more Behind the Scenes!

-Alacia Michaud (Welland Museum Blogger)


Dans les Coulisses: Le point de vue de la conservatrice adjointe

Avez-vous déjà demandé qu’est-ce qu’il implique pour créer une exposition? Pour travailler dans un musée? Cette série de « Dans le coulisses » vous donne l'occasion d'en savoir plus sur la mise en place de notre nouvelle exposition, Welland et Pelham: Les cadeaux d’héritage d’une communauté.

«Welland et Pelham : Les cadeaux d’héritage d’une communauté» :

Célébrez le 150e anniversaire du Canada avec une exposition pleine d’objets qui n’ont jamais été affichés auparavant! Ces objets célèbrent les 150 dernières années et comprennent : des souvenirs de Welland, des objets des associations, des groupes ethniques, des jouets, la mode, des objets militaires et notre cabinet médical. Merci au généreux financement du Gouvernement du Canada.

Dans cette édition de <<Dans les coulisses>>,  j'ai demandé à la  conservatrice adjointe du Musée de Welland, Tami Daoust, quelques questions sur son expérience de créer l'exposition. Voici ce qu'elle avait à dire:


Question : Quel était votre rôle dans la création de l’exposition?

Réponse : « La création de cette exposition un projet était très collaboratif avec tout le personnel, y compris les élèves coopératives et les bénévoles. Nous avons vraiment travaillé ensemble pour proposer des thèmes et sujets à traiter et avons travaillé ensemble pour choisir des artefacts et des objets intéressants et que nous avons pensé auraient le plus grand succès auprès de la communauté. »

Question : Qu’appréciez-vous le plus dans/à propos de l’exposition?

Réponse : « J'adore que cette exposition n’a pas beaucoup de texte à lire, mais raconte encore une excellente histoire d'une communauté. Nous avons vraiment laissé les artefacts parler pour eux-mêmes et présentement, il est un grand succès avec les visiteurs. Cela encourage vraiment les visiteurs à discuter des objets et à partager des histoires et des souvenirs avec d'autres. Il y a un peu de chaque personne dans cette exposition. »


[Fin de l’entrevue]

Vérifiez le blogue périodiquement pour d’autres éditions de « Dans les Coulisses ».

-Alacia Michaud (blogueuse du Musée de Welland)