Co-op Opportunities

Attention all Co-op students…the Welland Museum is looking for Co-op students for the fall and winter sessions.  We are looking for talented people to help with the building of exhibits and displays, educational programming, office administration, painting and construction.  Every day is different…come join our team!!!


My name is Alacia and I am a co-op student at the museum from École Secondaire Confédération here in Welland. I work with the Visitor and Marketing Coordinator, Liz Simpson, and I am responsible for the organization and the digitization of the museum’s support material. I also have the opportunity to work at the reception! I like working at the museum because it has exposed me to an abundance of knowledge while allowing me to explore a possible career option. My time at the museum has been a unique learning experience and I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had while working here.

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